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An award-winning web design agency based in Penang and Kuala Lumpur, specializing in generating WordPress CMS & SEO optimized website to ensure success for our clients in Malaysia. Giving outstanding results through corporate website design, website maintenance, responsive WordPress site, eCommerce and custom software development.

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Google Ads

You only pay when viewers click to visit your website or call your business.
Each cent that you spend brings a potential customer who’s interested at your products & services.

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  • Gain Free Awareness


    Even when no respond received from Ads, your website is still displayed at the obvious location.



    Every traffic brings to your website is traceable and help in your digital marketing analysis.

    Full Control


    You are able to control who & where to target as well as how much to pay for a click and ads message.

  • Unlimited Keywords


    Set any keywords that related to your business so users are easier to reach you.

    Fast Setup


    Setup your campaign immediately, as soon as within a day.

    Flexible Advertising Period


    Total freedom of choice to set the advertising period, from months to weeks or even days.


Without doing a proper SEO, you’re letting go the opportunity to show up on the first page search results in any search engine.
Not getting the chance to present your business, your potential customers will not know your business and go with your competitor instead.

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Penang Web Design & SEO Company

You will only get leads when your web start showing in first page!

Graphic Design

An attention seeking and eye catchy graphic design are the most important elements in doing it well.
It catches user’s attention, create the intention to know know, finally trigger the desire to purchase. An outstanding design will position your brand into a higher level.

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Graphic Design - Book Design
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Social Media

Facebook Ads

Accomplish your business goal with Facebook:
Build Business Presence
Create Brand Awareness
Drive Discovery
Generate Leads
Boost Sales
Earn loyalty

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Happy Clients

Working with the Inspiren team has been great. They've been really friendly and supportive. From the moment I shortlisted them to going to interview them, they always make me feel welcome. And it's also been the aftercare with customer service.

Terri Clarke (Kinta Properties Holdings Sdn Bhd)

After starting to use Google Adwords, we found that our orders have begun to increase. Inspiren is one of the most satisfying companies to work with compared to the rest.

Kent Goh (Eonmetall Group Berhad)

Inspiren will always come up with suggestions so that we know what to do. Our internal staff and customers are impressed with our website done by Inspiren. We got quite a number of enquiries from our website which we hardly see before this.

Louis Soo (ADA Shared Services)

    Valued Customers

    Thanks for your business, your trust and your confidence!

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    What is a good web design UI?

    UI, short for User Interface is the concept of enabling interaction and communication between your website user and your website. A good UI web design includes these several features that every web designer should keep in mind of:

    • Make Everything the User Needs Ready and Accessible. Most internet users have a short attention span, and by letting wait too long for the website content to load will easily make them lose interest. By giving easy accessibility, your target audience can easily access your website with little to no frustration of having to wait for the web page to load.
    • Your Website should be Consistent. You should also bear in mind that your UI works and looks consistent across the entire product, and by keeping your web design consistent and less clutter, it will be easier for your target audience to easily view your website without being confused.
    • Enable Feedback. The last thing you would want is your website users to be confused. You could include buttons that provide Loading Icons as well as giving them feedback, this would be helpful for guiding your website users to understand your business better as well as reduce the frustration of waiting for their question to be answered.

    Why do you need a professional web design agency?

    When you hire a professional web design agency all the components of your new website will work together from the start and make your website inclusive with responsive web design to enable more flexibility for your target audience. Website designing today is a lot more than just a bit of coding with a few words and images added. Website designing, especially when creating one from the scratch is a lot more work and time consuming that how one would assume.

    A professional web design agency has all the resources you need to create a successful website in less time and at a lower cost than you might expect. Professional web design agencies have experience in designing websites, they can also help you with domain purchases and registration, email configuration, IT services, website hosting and even other non-design related services. They will help you make sure that everything is in place and works well together.

    By hiring a website designer compared to trying to create your own site, you will give yourself a valuable competitive advantage in the form of a professional and properly functioning website, and you might even end up with an even better website than you initially expected.

    What are the Do and Don’t for your website design?

    • Focus on your Target Audience

      Do: Optimize for search so you will have a deeper insight to the demographic, which will be handy when you are deciding on designing your website to appeal to your target audience and demographic.
      Don’t: Ignoring the users, you will be neglecting your target audience you are intending to reach out to. When you ignore the users and go ahead with your website design, you might end up drawing far less clients that you hope for.

    • Consider the Website Layout

      Do: Create a focal point for your website, and your website should have a purpose to serve as the focal point of your homepage. A website layout should be well-organized and guide your audience clearly where you want them to go.
      Don’t: Make your website design clutter and unorganized. By cluttering your websites altogether, it can be confusing for your target audience to understand the focal point of your website and easily lose interest.

    • The Colour Scheme

      Do: Use colour combinations that enhance and beautify your website content, it will make your website look simple but still aesthetically appealing.
      Don’t: When you use all the colours, the website design will clash and be hard for the users to focus on the content of the page.

    Why should you have a responsive web design?

    With the growth in mobile devices, responsive designs are now more important than ever. This is because your audience will access your site from a variety of devices, the devices can range from smartphones, tablets, laptops, to even desktop computers.

    If you want these leads to remain on your site, you should make sure that each person has a positive experience when accessing your website. With a responsive design, your website will adapt to your target audience’s devices easily to enable them a good experience as well as keep your audience engaged and interested in your website. A responsive design can keep leads engaged on your page longer.

    If you want to have an effective and successful website design, you should implement responsive design to your website. Having a responsive web design is growing to be more important to Search Engine Optimization as quality content. With stronger backlinks and better bounce rates in responsive web design, it can translate into higher search rankings, but there is also an extra SEO benefit for mobile optimized sites. A responsive web design means faster loading for devices when your audience is looking at your website, as mobile users have shorter attention and they will lose interest if your website takes too long to load.

    How to create a good User Experience (UX) with your website?

    UX, short for User Experience, refers to how a person feels when interfacing with a system. UX consists of a website, web application, desktop software and basically any form of human-device interaction.

    Here are a few tips to help you create better UX with your website:

    • You should know your audience. You should have a clear idea of who your target audience is, which will be a good way to start designing the interface for your website. When you integrate styles and designs that your audience is familiar with, they will be drawn to your website and you can differentiate yourself by delivering your ideas to them.

    • Your website should be scanned not read. Websites are generally scannable, and your users can view them to get the message as people do not read websites. Implementing infographics and visual aids are good ideas to deliver your information to your audience.

    • Your website should be clear and simple. Clarity and simplicity is what your users would want, do not make your website design to be complicated and pushing all the information to them all at once, you should deliver your message to them in a simple and easy way for them to understand your website better.

    Why is Typography important for your website?

    Typography refers to the word fonts you used in website designing. There are thousands of fonts available to be used when designing websites. Typography makes up for about 90% of the whole web design, so you should always keep your font usage consistent and make sure that the headings are visually different from the paragraph text.

    It is important to utilize the white space, the line height, font size and letter spacing properties to make your website content easier to read. While many people have no difficulty reading small text sizes, it is important to consider the older users and people who suffer from low-vision and other types of vision impairment.