SEO Tips Without Hiring SEO Agency

A Basic SEO Guide to Increase Your Website’s Exposure

Trying to start SEO without hiring an agency like us – Inspiren? This is an article that you can’t afford to miss. Get valuable tips about SEO that you are not able to get from others. Each of the steps are important for SEO, they are the basics of SEO without further analysis needed. If you don’t follow the steps correctly, your website will most probably stay “invisible”.

Here is all you have to do to start SEO by yourself:

1. Setup Google Analytics

Google Analytic is a very useful and important tool to track and report on your website traffic. It is a free and premium web analytics service offered by Google.

Setup Google Analytics so that you can acknowledge the type of viewers who visited your website. You can also monitor visitors’ information such as: the number of visitors in different period, user demographics and others.

Besides, setting up Google Analytics also gives a signal to search engines that we want to track this website, prove that this is not a dummy site!

Google Analytics dashboard

2. Setup Google Search Console

Google Search Console is another free service provided by Google for webmasters. It allows us to monitor every traffic of your website, including indexing status and optimising visibility of website.

Setup Google Search Console helps you to maintain your site’s presence in Google search result and know how Google views your site and optimise its performance in search result.

Refer below to find out more on what Google Search Console can do for you :

3. Associate Search Console with Analytics

If you associate a Google Analytics property with a site in your Search Console account, you’ll be able to see Search Console data in your Google Analytics reports. You’ll also be able to access Google Analytics reports directly from the Links to your site, and Site-links pages in Search Console.

The Google Analytics- Search Console integration helps you to relate the keywords used in your site with the visitor traffic and website behaviour. This allows you to qualify your search traffic, identify the top performing page and so on.

This is the link for you to perform this:

4. Set a Preferred Domain

Getting the preferred domain for your site is like getting an address for your home. The preferred domain is the one that would be used to index your site’s pages.

Links may point to your site using both the www and non-www versions of the URL (for instance, and The preferred domain is the domain name that you want to use for your site in the search results.

preferred domain - Google Search Console

5. Setup Robots.txt

Robots.txt is a standard language used by websites to communicate with search engine crawlers and other web robots. This standard specifies in informing the Google-bot about which page of the website should not be processed or scanned.

If you are using WordPress – your admin files should not be crawled.
If you running eCommerce site – the carts, orders page, etc. should not be crawl as it does not offer any value to the searchers.

robots.txt Tester - Google Search Console

6. Setup Sitemap

The sitemap is the list of pages on your website. It is used during the planning of your website and helps you to clarify on the pages to be included or excluded for your site.

This will also allow Google-bot to understand your website hierarchy, the page update frequency and how important (the priority) the page is.

Sitemap - Google Search Console

7. Security Checking

It is important to constantly scan your website security vulnerability and malware. A good website security scanner should be able to identify problems for example malware, SQL injection and XSS in your site, to ensure that your website that is safe to the viewers.

8. Web Spam Checking

“Webspam” refers to pages that tries to trick Google into ranking them highly. Before you file a webspam report, see if the page might have a different problem such as:

Paid link (the page is selling or buying links.)
Copyright and other legal issues (This page should be removed under applicable law.)
Objectionable content (This page is inappropriate.)
Personal/private (This page discloses private information.)
Malware (This page is infected, the point we mentioned in number 7- Security Checking.)
Phishing (This page is trying to get sensitive information.)
Rich Snippets (This page doesn’t comply with Google’s rich snippets guidelines.)

9. International Targeting

This feature enables you to tell the search engine what is your primary target country. This allows you to expand your visitor across the globe.

However, If you use a country-coded domain (example:, you won’t be able to specify a geographic location.

International Targeting - Google Search Console

10. Fetch as Google

Most of the webmaster refers to this as “Webpage Submission”. If you are launching a brand new website, this is extremely important to indicate that your website is already “exist”.
We request Google-bot to re-crawl our important page rather than wait for it to happen naturally, tropically around 2-3 days for the update in your website to appear on search results.