Google Tool for SEO – Google Search Console

Google Tool for SEO – Google Search Console

Below is how Google explain about “Google Search Console”:

“Track your site’s search performance with Google Search Console and browse around for Google Webmasters support, learning and community resources.”

If you plan to do your SEO without hiring any agency, Google Search Console (formally known as Webmaster Tools) is the plum choice. Just as the logo demonstrates it’s intent with a spanner, using Search Console is asking to give your site a regular service; use it to keep everything running smoothly, and spot bigger issues quickly.

Find out if your site:
1. Is there any manual penalty.
2. Identify crawling issues.
3. Identify broken links.
4. See how many pages are indexed.
5. Identify download links.
6. Test your robots.txt file.
7. Test your structured data.
8. Submit your website rather than wait the crawling happen naturally
9. and a lot more, all for free!

This is where you can start using Google Search Console: